How to Review Manuscripts

OJS Tutorial for Reviewing Manuscripts

1. Log in to your account here. If you don't have account and willing to be reviewer of our journal please register yourself here and select the reviewer role. We will provide a certificate of reviewer recognition after all article in the edition are published, and your name will be displayed in our journal website as a reviewer.

2. There will be 1 or more actives manuscript which is ready to be reviewed. Click Active

3. Select the article by clicking its title

4. Check the metadata of the article along with its title, abstract, and your due date.

5. Please choose 'will do the review'

6. Download the manuscript (number-RV.DOCX file) for further review process

7. Fill the review form through online (number 3), or upload the reviewed manuscript or review form that you have prepared (number 4) by clicking 'telusuri' and upload it

8. Choose your decision and submit to the editor