With articles submitted for our writing competition, the editors had a very challenging task of selecting the winners.
Hereby we present to you all the winners of the competition which has passed our selection.

Posted: 2021-12-03



📢  Journal Profetik invite experts, scholars, researchers and students in all subject areas of communication science to submit their articles, either on discovery of new materials or scientific approaches to the literary and of field investigation

🌐 Main theme : “Digital Transformation in Disruption Era”
The subtopics include (but not limited to) communication in digital era, practice and participant in media, digital literacy, the ethic of communications digital, cyber digital and ect

🏆💵 Total Prize : 1.100 USD

 📝 The editorial team only considers possible articles within several criteria as follow:
General criteria:
1. Participants are open to whether student, lecturers, researchers, international participant or anyone who has research on communication science
2. Writing should be based on research, not opinion or reflection
3. Research preference will be given to original research (non-thesis)
4. Never been published elsewhere

Special criteria:
1. Written in English
2. No more than 5 author
3. Plagiarism screening less than <15%
4. Following the author guidelines base on Journal Profetik guidelines (
5. Papers length within 5000-8000 words
6. Reference management based on APA Style Sixth Edition. Reference writing techniques have to use Mendeley
7. International collaborative researchers are more preferred
8. Submitted into the link:

---Before Sept 29, 2021

📌 During the submission, please note the editor that your article is participating for this “Writing Competition” event. The editors reserve the right to reject a paper if there are serious problems with its content, or our publishing policies have been violated.

📱📧 If there is anything you need to ask, please contact:
 CP : 0852 5779 8493 (Rahmah)

Posted: 2021-08-23

We Invite Writers to Submit Articles in English

Dear Author,
A long journey indeed, when we saw how the struggle of Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi was initiated from the beginning. The death of the printed version was exacerbated by the demand for the use of a new system, Open Journal System, which made us as the managers have to work hard to keep abreast of developments. The high demands do not make us afraid, we continue to improve ourselves until 2018 we managed to improve OJS and get Sinta 4. Not stopping at that point, our struggle in perfecting the Journal's management that took a lot of time and energy, made us successfully jumped into Sinta 2 (only within a period of less than 6 months, it is certainly a memorable gift for us).

Therefore, like humans in general who will never be satisfied, we again are dreaming of reaching a higher level which is to become an international journal, Sinta 1 and at the same time indexed Scopus. Thanks to this dream, not only do we as the managers, but also you, as the authors are required to not only improve the quality of the content, but also force to replace the use of Indonesian with English in it. Therefore, we invite writers to submit articles in English and a proofread proofs from the sworn translator. Thus the announcement we made, thank you for your attention.

Best regards
Editor in Chief
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Profetik Jurnal Komunikasi Events

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