Aims and Scope

Educational programs serving early childhood are becoming increasingly complex, diverse, and comprehensive. The practice of parenting and education in families and communities that are cross-religious and cultural has been passed down from generation to generation needs to be studied more seriously with the perspective of the theory of early childhood development and education, to become a solution to the problem of children's education Al-Athfal: Jurnal Pendidikan Anak/Al-Athfal: Early Childhood Education Journal is a professional publication for academics, government, and non-government agencies, early childhood practitioners, such as classroom teachers, child care providers, and teacher educators, all of whom are dedicated to the education and care of young children, from birth to eight years. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles covering: Child growth and development; Children's relations with family and society; Developmental observation; Assessment; Educational environment and curriculum; Health, safety, and nutrition; Professionalism and leadership; Administration and management, With a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector approach, the Article analyzes conceptual developments, problems, trends, policies, and practices offering well-documented viewpoints and practical recommendations. Although the journal al-Athfal does not reject all aspects of child development and Education, several research areas are prioritized. Emphasis areas include:

• Child education across cultures

• Child Education in Islamic perspective

• Multicultural and education for all

• Theory, research, and practice, relating to the development of religion and culture-based concepts

• Early Childhood Education innovation and technology

• Qualitative and quantitative research and case studies