Journal Subscription

Journal of Tropical Chemistry and Education (JTC-RE) purchase and subscription details:

  1. For institutions, the price of a single print issue is IDR. 110.000,-/issue (not including shipping cost)
  2. For individuals, the price of a single print issue is Rp. 100.000,-/issue (not including shipping cost)
  3. For Outside Indonesia, the price of a single print issue is $ 60/year (individual) (not including shipping cost)
  4. Journals can be purchased directly at the secretariat of the JJournal of Tropical Chemistry and Education at Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, 2nd floor, House of Journal, State Islamic University (UIN) Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Indonesia Marsda Adisucipto Street Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia or through a transfer to Mandiri account name Agus Kamaludin, account number 9000045656742. 
  5. The availability of each issue may change at any time depending on the existing stock at the secretariat.
  6. For further information please email: JTC-RE Admin (
  7. The shipping cost is adjusted to the price of the postal delivery service provider and or the like.