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Living Hadith Journal Webinar: Examining Contextual Expressions of Hadith in the Millennial Era

Around 10:00 WIB to 12:00 WIB a webinar was held on the zoom application with the theme, Youth Style: Expressions of Contextulisation of Hadith in the Millennial Era, which was mentored by Syarif Abbas as a journal writer entitled, Understanding the Reality of Hijrah in the Al-Quran and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, Thursday (27/08/20).

The webinar that presented by Subkhani Kusumadewi, M.A. as Editor in Chief of Living Hadis Journal was attended by more than 20 participants from various regions. She said that was such a seminar would be held once a month.

"Hopefully, a seminar like this will be held once a month," explained Subkhani during the webinar.

The questions in the webinar are about the attitudes of young hijrah nowadays who provide different interpretations of hadith and Al-Quran.

In this case, Syarif Abbas commented on the current trend of hijrah, especially millennial children who use social media a lot.

"Psychologically, there is a transition period for young people who are looking for their identity. Sometimes the hijrah is used as a commodity for certain interests, whereas the migration is a change from a bad direction to a good direction, ”explained Syarif Abbas.

He also added, “Regarding the influence of social media, in this case it is very significant for the hijrah group that uses social media as the main material to invite people, especially young people, to follow their invitation. Moreover, the group wraps it up by playing or other activities, "
In line with this, Iffah Alwalidah as the second speaker also provided an understanding of how millennial children should respond to messages circulating on social media.

"Young people now before claiming news, how good it is to do tabayyun first," she explained during the slide show that was presented.

She also added that the prevalence of hoax news is the most important point of how the attitude of a millennial who should be more careful to sort out information that must be verified.

"Moreover, now there is a website that measures whether the information is hoax or not"

From this event, it is hoped that it will build a mindset for young people who should know how they should behave in interpreting life now. Not only in text, but seeing how the context should be.

Posted: 2020-08-28
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