Construction Of The Meaning Of Recite For Instagram Account Followers @Hanan_Attaki

Nurul Khikmah Khikmah, Agoeng Noegroho Noegroho, Nuryanti Nuryanti Nuryanti


The purpose of this research is to examine the experiences, motives, and follower action account instagram @hanan_attaki in doing Koran activities. The theory used in this research is Alfred Schutz's phenomenological theory. This research uses constructivism paradigm with qualitative approach and phenomenological method. The results showed that the experience of reading the Koran from online was seeing the Koran online as a breakthrough that changed the perspective of the Koran, more able to disseminate knowledge, flexible, free to choose content, and can be done in a private room. In addition, there areCaseThe positive thing about the Koran is from the content of the @hanan_attaki Instagram account, namely seeing it as the right medium, interesting visual content, analogy methods and language that is suitable for young people.

Keywords: online recitation, instagram, phenomenology

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