Journal History

The Integrated Lab Journal was first published as a forum for scientific laboratory educational research papers in October 2013. The Integrated Lab Journal began to be published online in 2019.

The Integrated Lab Journal upgraded to OJS 3 platform in order to perform better user experience, responsive design and simpler registration stages for the author, reviewer, and other parties involved.

The Integrated Lab Journal is an open-access, peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the publication of new research in all aspects of the laboratory.

The Integrated Lab Journal aims to publish research, thoughts and views, surveys or literature reviews from researchers, lecturers, educational laboratory institutions, teachers that have never been published in other publications. Publisher research is expected to contribute to the development of educational laboratories or research laboratories.

Manuscripts published in this journal focus on the field of Laboratory Management, including: Laboratories Tools, Equipment, or Machines; Material, Stuff, Ingredient, Component, Spare parts for laboratories; Method tools in the laboratory.