Design of Vibrate Generator


  • Nur Untoro UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


Electric generator, local material, low vibrate generator, magnet vibration, vibrate sequentially


Vibrate generator is an electric generator, which generate electric by a magnet vibration. This research inspired by the discovery of windbelt by Humdinger. The purpose of this research is to prove electric generator with magnetic vibration, to design low rpm vibrate generator. Electric generator in this vibration is simple, expected to be made society with local material. With an energy source from a ditch drainage or wind, this generator are supposed to generate electricity for one house. Major component generators are bar magnets, springs, wire coils, diode, capasitor and wood board. The principle of generator unit is a magnet attached to the spring and the end of the spring attached to the wooden board.  If the spring is vibrated, magnetic vibrations produce a magnetic flux change that penetrates the wire coil who attach beside a magnet. A wire coil penetrated flux magnetic which change with time to produce electro motive force. Every unit generator produce AC and changed to DC by Diode Bridge. The experiment results were one unit cell generator produce 2.2 volt peak to peak, 21.47 Hz, and product duration 0.5second. The design of a low rpm vibrator generator is built from a vibration generator unit arranged and connected in parallel. Each unit vibration generator is vibrated sequentially, in order for a continuous power generation.