Leslie Matrix Application in Determining Number and Growth Rate of Female Population


  • Dewi Anggreini STKIP PGRI Tulungagung
  • Ratri Candra Hastari STKIP PGRI Tulungagung


Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Leslie's matrix, Population


Population projections are needed to meet current data requirements and estimate future population numbers. The compilation of population growth models besides being based on continuous solutions needs to be evaluated more deeply with discrete solutions. Leslie's matrix model is a discrete model that projects the age group. Mathematical approach is very important used in Leslie matrix model that is follow matrix method. This study aimed to determine the number of female population in the Karesidenan Kediri Existence based on birth rate and life expectancy using Leslie Matrix and determine the growth rate of female population by using Leslie matrix eigenvalues value. The research method first determine the subject of research, second collect research data, data analysis and last draw conclusions. The data of this study were obtained from BPS of East Java Province, namely the number of female population from 2010-2015. The results of this study indicate that Leslie's matrix model is a discrete model because the data on the number of female population in the Eks-Karesidenan Kediri divided into fourteen age intervals constructed using fertility and life expectancy. From the result analysis using Maple program, the number of female population in Eks Karesidenan Kediri tends to increase with positive eigenvalue greater than one or in other words the rate of population growth tends to be positive. The success of Leslie's matrix model is in its application to predict the number of female populations in Karesidenan Kediri in 2021.