Politisasi Konstitusi Piutang Negara di Indonesia

Agus Pandoman Pandoman


One example of the problems in the state's claim is BLBI extended by Bank
Indonesia to the national banking system, which has become the state's claim, but not
resolved through PUPN, but further right to claim the government handed over to
IBRA established by Presidential Decree No. 27 of 1998 . Since handed over to the
government the right to collect BI, BI ended authority to withdraw BLBI of the
receiving bank, resolved through non-litigation and mechanisms and the solution was
not to use repressive laws. Receivables BLBI state is a case of default the unusually
large number (extraordinary default), but penyelesaianya by IBRA implemented with
the exclusion of the legal principles of the settlement of accounts receivable against the
debtor country BLBI receiver, so in this case the journey is also a cost for settling
disputes outstanding a big. This paper would like to see how the practice of politicizing
the constitution that happens particularly with respect to issues of State receivables.

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