Author Guidelines

General Information:

Al-Mazaahib (Jurnal perbandingan Hukum) published twice per year, number (1) is published in June, and number (2) is published in December. Al-Mazaahib journal does not set a specific article theme per issue. It is intended that research with the most recent themes can be published immediately.

Article submitted must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Articles are the results of research, either in the form of library research (conceptual-doctrinal studies) or field research (empirical studies) that discuss the themes of legal thought or comparative legal studies or such as: Islamic Law, Philosophy of Islamic Law, customary law and/or Positive Law.

  2. The article is the result of research/original work of the author, not plagiarism. If the article is taken from a under graduate thesis (skripsi), thesis or dissertation research, the author must stated it in the introduction.

  3. The article has not been published, processed in another journal, and/or is not being submitted to another journal.

  4. Articles can be written in Indonesian, or English.

  5. If the article is written in Indonesian, the abstract must be written in two languages, English-Indonesian. If it is written in English, then, abstract is only in English. Each abstract (English and/or Indonesian) part consists of 150-200 words, written in 1 paragraph, spaced 1.

  6. The length of article is between 5000-7000 words.

  7. Articles are written using Open Office, either in MS-Word, RTF, or WordPerfect format.

  8. Arabic script (Qur'anic verses, Hadith, or fiqh rules) is written in Latin letters using transliteration guidelines.

  9. Articles have, at a minimum, 20 references; both in the form of scientific journal articles and books. References in the form of scientific articles (journals), are the most recent references, at least the last 5 years.

  10. Writing footnotes and bibliography using the “Mendeley” application, with the style: Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full-note).