Become a Reviewer

Become A Reviewer

Al-Mazaahib: Jurnal Perbandingan Hukum is dependent on a dedicated team who can review manuscripts that are submitted by scientists from around the world fairly and promptly. Ultimately, the journal’s team is responsible for selecting manuscripts that contain the most original, most significant, and most impactful scientific findings for publication in Al-Mazaahib. Critical members of Al-Mazaahib's team are accomplished scientists, as judged by their published work, who have expertise in one or more of the areas covered by the journal, and are willing to volunteer their time to review the original and the revised versions of manuscripts submitted to the journal. In addition, the journal’s editors and Editor-in-Chief look to these reviewers for advice about appropriate final editorial decisions (i.e., rejection or acceptance) for the submitted manuscripts. Through this editorial, Al-Mazaahib's Editorial Team would like to invite qualified scientists to contact the journal's Editor-in-Chief about becoming a reviewer for Al-Mazaahib.
If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for Al-Mazaahib, please send us an e-mail and include a brief description of your background, professional accomplishments, and experience as a reviewer. We look forward to hearing from interested parties and hope to continue to enhance the quality and timeliness of Al-Mazaahib's review process.