Journal History

Al-Mazaahib: Jurnal Perbandingan Hukum is a peer reviewed jurnal published by The Departement of Islamic Law Schools Comparison, Sharia and Law Faculty, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. First printed publication in 2012 and the onilne version is available since 2017 by uploading previous printed documents on the website.
In 2012, Al-Mazaahib began publishing first volume which consist of 21 articles
In 2013, due to some problems, Al-Mazaahib did not publish any article
In 2014, Al-Mazaahib cuntinued the publication stright to the second volume which also consist of 21 articles
In 2016, Al-Mazaahib only published one number in volume 4, which only consist of 5 articles.
In 2017, Al-Mazaahib began providing the articles on Open Journal System
Until 2019, Al-Mazaahib had been publishing inconsiatency quantity of articles
In 2020, Al-Mazaahib started publish consisten quantitiy of article where each volume consist of 10 articles
In 2021, Al-Mazaahib was indexes in Google Scholar
In 2022, Al-Mazaahib became a Crossref member and had unique DOI number