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Al-Ahwal: Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam

Al-Ahwal: Jurnal Hukum Keluarga Islam (P-ISSN: 2085-627X, E-ISSN: 2528-6617is published twice a year (June and December) by Al-Ahwal Research Centre of the Department of Islamic Family Law, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta since 2008. Al-Ahwal always places Islamic Family Law, Gender Discourse, and Islamic Civil Law in the central focus of academic inquiry. Until now, with the fair procedure of double peer-review, Al-Ahwal consistently publishes researches/studies concerned with those fields under various dimensions and approaches. The subject covers textual and fieldwork studies with multi perspectives.

In the beginning, the journal only served as a scholarly forum for the lecturers, professors, and students at the State Institute of Islamic Studies. However, due to the later development, the journal has successfully invited scholars and researchers outside the Institute to contribute. Al-Ahwal is a member of Crossref, so all its article have their unique DOI number. Al-Ahwal has been "Accredited" based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Al-Mazaahib: Jurnal Perbandingan Hukum

ISSN: 2302-7355 (Print) 2809-1019 (Online)
First Print Publication: 2012
First Online Publication: 2017
Publisher: Faculty of Sharia and Law, Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga, Indonesia
Duration: Approx. 60 days to first decision
Frequency: 2 (two) issues per year
Audience: Legal scholars, Islamic Legal Scholars, Students, Practitioners
Indexing: Google Scholar, Moraref, Garuda, Crossref
Editor in Chief: Nurdhin Baroroh

Al-Mazaahib: Jurnal Perbandingan Hukum is a scientific journal published by Al-Mazaahib Research Center of Departement of Perbandingan Mazhab, Fakultas Syari'ah dan Hukum, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta since 2012 (print version) and June of 2017 (online version). This scholarly periodical specializes in the study of legal thought or legal comparatives which contains scientific works related to thoughts in the field of law, general law (positive), customary law, and Islamic law. The existence of the Al-Mazaahib is certainly very important in exploring, enriching, and developing legal thoughts and theories. Thus, Al-Mazaahib Journal will make a positive contribution in enriching the treasures of thought in the field of law, both Islamic law and positive law. This journal seeks to present the various results of the latest research, both conceptual-doctrinal and empirical, in the field. The editors of “Al-Mazaahib: Jurnal Perbandingan Hukum” welcome contributions in the form of articles to be published after undergoing a manuscript selection mechanism, double-blind peer-review, and editing process.

Al-Mazaahib: Jurnal Perbandingan Hukum is published twice a year in June and December. The editors invite Islamic lawyers, scholar, researchers and jurists to write or disseminate research results relating to the issues of Islamic law as well as positive law. Article does not reflect editorial opinion.

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Az-Zarqa': Jurnal Hukum Bisnis Islam

Journal TitleAz-Zarqa': Jurnal Hukum Bisnis Islam
ISSN2809-3569 (online) | 2087-8117 (print)
Editor in ChiefSaifuddin
PublisherFaculty of Sharia and Law, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Frequency2 issues per year
IndexingGoogle Scholar | Garuda

Az-zarqa' Journal is the flagship journal, published biannually in June and December, of Syari'ah Economic Law Department, Sharia and Law Faculty, Islamic State University Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta (UIN Suka) which was formed on December 1, 2010. Az-zarqa' journal provides articles scientific results of empirical research and reflective-analysis for practitioners and academics, who are expected to contribute in developing theories and introducing new concepts in the field of Islamic law, especially Islamic business law in a broad perspective.

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