Journal Subscription

al Mahāra: Arabic Language Education Journal purchase and subscription details:

  1. For non-subscriber, the price of a single print issue is IDR 50,000 (not including shipping cost)
  2. For subscriber, the price of a single print issue is IDR 45, 000, with the provision of purchasing 3 volumes or 6 consecutive editions (not including shipping cost)
  3. Journals can be purchased directly at the secretariat of the Al Mahara Journal: Journal of Arabic Language Education at Rumah Jurnal of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (FITK) of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta (second floor) or through a transfer to Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) account name Haerul Ahyar, account number 0612399555. The order details and proof of transfer are sent via WhatsApp number +6289643335293
  4. The availability of each issue may change at any time depending on the existing stock at the secretariat.
  5. For further information please contact: Nurul Huda (+62856-2635-571) or Haerul Ahyar (+62896-4333-5293)
  6. The shipping cost is adjusted to the price of the postal delivery service provider and or the like.