Pelajar Papua dalam Kuasa Simbolik (Studi Terhadap Reproduksi Kelas Sosial di SMK Negeri 1 Obaa, Mappi, Papua)

Marianus Muharli Mua
* Pemerhati masalah sosial, budaya, politik dan filsafat Alumni Pascasarjana Sosiologi FISIPOL UGM



In this study shown that at SMK Negeri 1 Obaa located in
Mappi, Papua turns performing two roles namely the role of
production and reproduction of social classes. Social class
reproduction occurs because internelization of habitus, culture,
taste and mindset of classes conducted by both the school and
the students themselves. Through regulations and discipline
imposed by the school has established habitus students and
interaction among students as a means of hegemony students to
follow habitus, tastes, culture and mindset of the social upper
class. This school serves as a structure that perpetuates violence
and symbolic power of the lower classes. At the school became
the battle arena and fight to maintain the existing capital ie
economic capital, social capital, cultural capital and symbolic
capital. Through mastery of existing capital, schools producing
and reproducing social classes. For the lower social classes it is
a production that will raise the social status while the upper
class it is a top-class reproduction and dominance. However,
the impact of symbolic domination that occurred in this school
makes the lower class who do not have the capital to be
eliminated. In addition, the school culture is the culture of the
dominant class so delivers lower classes in Mappi are still
dominated by hunting and gathering are not able to adapt to
school culture into pressure and not as important in their lives.
Keywords: Schools, Gaps, Reproduction, Social Class, Strategy,
Attorney Symbolic

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