Writing Competition 2022


Dear all,

Jurnal Sosiologi Reflektif (JSR) invites scholars, researchers and graduate students to submit the best research articles by following the focus and scope of JSR.

JSR focuses on disseminating researches on social and religious issues within Muslim community, especially related to issue of strengthening civil society in its various aspects. Besides, JSR also receives an article based on a library research, which aims to develop integrated sociological theories with Islamic studies, such as a discourse on Prophetic Social Science, Transformative Islam, and other perspectives.

General criteria:

  1. Participants are open to scholars, researchers and graduate students
  2. Articles should be based on research, not opinion or reflection
  3. Cited references should not be more than 10 years.
  4. Never been published elsewhere

Special Criteria:

  1. Written in English
  2. No more than 5 authors
  3. Plagiarism screening less than <15%
  4. Following the author guidelines base on Jurnal Sosiologi Reflektif guidelines (
  5. Papers length within 5000-7000 words
  6. Reference management based on ASA Style 6th Edition by using Mendeley or Zotero.
  7. Submitted into the link:

Best papers will be announced on July 31, 2022. Top 10 articles will be published for Edition 16 Vol. 2 October 2022.


Best 1: Rp 4.200.000

Best 2: Rp 3.000.000

Best 3: Rp 3.000.000

Best 4: Rp 3.000.000

Best 5: Rp 3.000.000

Thank you.


Best regards,

Achmad Zainal Arifin, Ph.D

Editor-in-Chief JSR

Unduh Flyer Disini

Posted: 2022-03-06

5th Panel Conference of JSR

Posted: 2021-08-21

3rd Panel Conference of JSR: Thank you for Your Participation...

Posted: 2020-02-12

3rd Panel Conference of JSR: Jadwal Presentasi Paper


Berikut kami sampaikan jadwal presentasi paper pada 3rd Panel Conference JSR 2019 (klik sini). Diharapkan setiap presenter untuk membuat ppt presentasi dengan durasi maksimal 15 menit. Pengumuman lebih lanjut disampaikan via email kepada masing-masing presenter.


Posted: 2019-11-19

3rd Panel Conference of JSR: Abstract Notification for Presentation at the Conference


Selamat kepada panelis terpilih untuk mempresentasikan papernya pada 3rd Panel Conference of JSR.

Silahkan download pengumumannya DISINI.

Posted: 2019-09-30

3rd Panel Conference of JSR: Abstract Notification


Assalamialaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear all panelists, due to many last minutes submission and a tight schedule from one of our reviewer, we are sorry to inform you that the announcement of submitted abstracts is deleyed to Monday at 12.00 pm. We will try our best to provide a better panel conference than last year. We are apologize for this inconvenient. We hope that we can meet soon at the third panel conference of JSR.

Best wishes,

Achmad Zainal Arifin (Editor in-chief)

Posted: 2019-09-27

3rd Panel Conference of JSR: Flyer


Please join us in 27-28 November 2019 at FISHUM, UIN Sunan Kalijaga!

Posted: 2019-07-18

3rd Panel Conference of JSR: Ketentuan Abstrak JSR Panel ke-3


Abstract guidelines for 3rd Panel Conference JSR:

1. No more than 250 words, using New Roman font 12 and single space.

2. Write the name of author in italic and affiliate institution under the title.

3. Write four keywords for your abstract with a capital letter for each words and separated with comas.

4. Write your abstract in English and Bahasa. the language writing order indicates the language preference that will be used in the presentation.

5. Send your abstract to: or

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us, as shown in flyer.

Thank you.

Posted: 2019-07-12

2nd Panel Conference of JSR


Thank you for Participating at 2nd Panel Conference of JSR

Posted: 2019-01-12