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The rapid changes in information technology raises questions about the relevance of sociological theories in explaining the new reality of the cyber society. At least, there are two important questions that must be answered by sociology:  first, what are the characteristics of cyber reality that become the new study area of sociology? Second, how should sociology be reconstructed to understand the new model of society in cyberspace? Through meta-theory study, this research takes two conclusions. First, virtual reality has a character that is different from real reality in daily life. But, frequently, virtual reality is experienced by individuals like everyday life reality, or even more real than real reality. Through the characteristics of simulation, interaction, artificiality, immersion, telepresence, networked communication and anonymity, virtual reality is transformed into a part of everyday life that cannot be separated from human life. Second, facing this new reality, sociology must adjust its scientific construction. Reconstruction of sociology can be initiated by defining what is actually the object of sociological studies on cyber society. Based on the three Ritzer paradigms, this study concludes that social fact, social definition and social behavior paradigms must be reinterpreted to be able to adjust to the latest developments in cyber society.


sociology, cyber society, virtual reality, sociological paradigm


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14421/jsr.v14i1.1552


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