Jurnal Kajian Islam Interdisipliner

Jurnal Kajian Islam Interdisipliner (Journal of Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies), ISSN (Online): 2775-8281 ISSN (Cetak): 2579-4930, is an interdisciplinary journal to disseminate scholarly study covering all aspects of Islam and the Islamic world related to scientific research, published by the Postgraduate Program of Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University Yogyakarta, Indonesia, since 2016. Kajian Islam Interdisipliner seeks original research, conceptual research, report case studies, etc to place the study of Islam and Muslim societies for its sake of research. It has a desideratum of research to encourage interaction among academics from a wide variety of scholarly research and to discussion of their research and reflections. 

Kajian Islam Interdisipliner is published in two editions annually, in June and December. This journal invites you (researchers and scholars) of all backgrounds related to Islamic studies to submit your manuscripts electronically by using our online system. Sharing your research, accomplishments, and ambitions with a wider audience in your field. It helps you get cited more. Submission of the journal should follow the Kajian Islam Interdisipliner’s template, in particular taking careful notice of the guidelines set out in the Submission/Author Guidelines section. If your manuscript passes the initial screening, it will be sent for peer-review (by experts in your field), if deemed unsuitable for publication we may suggest you transfer your manuscript to a suitable journal.

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Vol 6, No 2 (2021)

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Fadlilah Purdananto
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Yuliana Asmi
View: 20 | download: 17
Khoirul Anwar
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Amar Muhyi Diinis Sipa
View: 35 | download: 22
Umi Masruroh
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