Mathematical Modeling with T Cell in Nasofaringeal Carcinoma

Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Meksianis Zadrak Ndii


Nasopharyngeal carcinoma triggered by Ebstein Barr virus is a cancer of the first malignancy in the head and neck, which is located in nasopharynx, behind the nose. Cupping and habbatussauda consumption is a process of detoxification of toxins in the body so as immunity increases. Prophet Muhammad delivered quite a lot about cupping and habbatussauda consumption. In this paper, we employ the mathematical model approach to understand nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell level. The formulated mathematical models focus on two cases. First, it is focused on modelling low immunity without cupping and habbatussauda consumption, and second, it is focused on modelling low immunity with the cupping and habbatussauda consumption. In this research, we focus on the second one as the first one has been conducted previously. The model consists of eight sub-populations which are normal cells, lesion cells, low dysplastic cells, the infected cells, high dysplastic cells, invansive carcinoma cells, viruses, and T cells. In this second case, increasing T cell hamper invansive carcinoma because characteristic T cell kill abnormal cells.


nasopharyngeal carcinoma; cupping; habbatussauda; mathematical modeling; Ebstein-Barr Virus; T cell

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