Thaqafiyyat : Jurnal Bahasa, Peradaban dan Informasi Islam

THAQAFIYYAT: Jurnal Bahasa, Peradaban dan Informasi Islam is a scientific journal which is published twice a year. This journal is dedicated as a place for scientific communication among researchers in the same interest or different focus on language, culture and Islamic information. All papers here are based on field research or library research. Moreover, it is hoped able to encourage the repertoire of scholars or Islamic literature in Indonesia. The new identity of this journal refers to  the ISSN: 1411-5727 (Print) and  2550-0937 (Online) in the periode 2007 from PDII LIPI about the name of journal and the identity of the journal

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Pengumumam Pemenang Sayembara Menulis Artikel Ilmiah

Posted: 2022-12-22
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Vol 20, No. 2 (2021): Thaqāfiyyāt

Table of Contents

Imam Muhsin
Salma Nusiana, Herawati -
Aida Hayani, Zaenuddin Hudi Prasojo
Rinawati Acan Nurali
Muhammad Ikhsan Attaftazani, Intan Purnama
Rahmat Hidayat