Representasi Konsep Kecantikan dalam Video Music SNSD Gee

Rima Nusantriani Banurea
* Penulis lepas dan penikmat budaya pop



Beauty is never ending concept. It always redefined,
renewed, and reconstructed by actor who have a power like
media to socializing and spreading it into the world. Therefore
media can changing and determining what is the right concept
of beauty not only for now but also for future. Music Video is
one of many forms of media which can spreading any ideas or
concepts like beauty amazingly through both a song and the
story. The successful of Music Video Gee makes Korean Girl
Band, SNSD, famous and gets a lot attention from many
countries, like Indonesia. This Music Video is very fresh and
different from the other Music Videos of Korean Girl Band or
Boy Band at that time. But, Music Video Gee is not neutral. In
that video, there is hidden concept of beauty which trying to
represented by SNSD. This article will analyzing what is the
code of beauty like and how is the beauty represented in that
Keyword: Beauty, Music, Representation.

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