Focus and Scope


This academic journal serves as a scientific platform dedicated to the study of Sociology of Religion and Social Change. Its primary aim is to advance scholarly understanding and discourse within the sociology of religion. The journal is committed to exploring theoretical frameworks and contextual-empirical studies with paradigms of multiple modernities related to the sociology of religion and social change. This academic journal is presented to publishing original works of extraordinary quality and interest in Sociology of Religion. It aims to provide a platform for the global exchange of ideas and promote research that spans various religious traditions and regions of the world.



This journal specializes in studying religious social theories and realities from various traditions and aims to reveal current research and issues in the sociology of religion field. It welcomes contributions from scholars in related fields who consider the following general topics:


  1. Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
  2. The immanence of theology and social spirituality
  3. Sociology of religion of virtual societies
  4. Religion, Politics, and Gender Issues in Modern Society
  5. Religion, Social Needs, Environment and Human Ecology