Jurnal Psikologi Integratif

JURNAL PSIKOLOGI INTEGRATIF is an integrated journal in psychological dicipline that enriches the understanding of past, current and future issues relevant to psychological aspects and related disciplines. The studies and researches in this journal expand the public knowledge about psychology. This journal consisted by general studies and integrated studies across culture, religion, and society. The purpose is to contribute by presenting researches, studies and developments in psychological discipline.

The journal is published by the Psychological Study Program Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta.

This journal is a science vessel containing the scientific work of lecturers, students and researchers with a model of integration between scientific disciplines of psychology and Islamic studies. Carrying a paradigm that is integration-interconnect Journal of Integrative Psychology offers the scientific character of psychology animated by Islamic repertoire and keindonesiaan the roles embody a more comprehensive science. So it is able to bring a balance between theory and practice in ensuring the sustainability disciplines of psychology in the College of Islamic Religion.


ISSN 2356-2145 (print)
ISSN 2580-7331 (online)

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