Implementation of Web Scraping to Build a Web-Based Instagram Account Data Downloader Application

Arif Himawan, Adri Priadana, Aris Murdiyanto


Instagram has been used by many groups, such as business people, academics, to politicians, to take advantage of the insights gained by processing and analyzing Instagram data for various purposes. However, before processing and analyzing data, users must first pass data collection or downloading from Instagram. The problem faced is that most data collection methods are still done manually as for many parties that offer Instagram account data download services with various price options. This research applied a web scraping method to automatically build a web-based Instagram account data download application so that several parties can use it. The web scraping method was chosen because by using this method, researchers do not need to use Instagram's Application Programming Interface (API), which has access restrictions in retrieving data on Instagram. In this study, application testing was conducted on 15 Instagram accounts with various publications, namely between 100 and 11000. Based on the download data analysis results, the application of the web scraping method to download Instagram account data can successfully download a maximum of 2412 account data. In this application, users can download Instagram account data to Data Collection and then manage it like deleting and exporting data collection in the form of CSV, Excel, or JSON.


data download application; Instagram account data; web scraping; social media; Instagram

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