Authorship and Contributorship

EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis adheres to the principles of transparency and best practices in scholarly publishing as set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). This policy outlines the requirements for authorship and contributorship, ensuring clear and unambiguous attribution of contributions to published works. As an open-access journal practising the CC-BY-SA license, the authors retain the copyright of their articles while granting broad permissions for distribution and reuse. The journal follows the Core Practices outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Criteria for Authorship

Authorship of a scholarly article in EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis should be based on substantial contributions to the conception, design, execution, or interpretation of the research. To be considered an author, individuals must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Substantial Contributions: Authors are expected to make significant contributions to the intellectual content of the article, such as the conception or design of the study, data acquisition, analysis, interpretation, and drafting or revising the manuscript for important intellectual content.
  2. Approval of Final Version: All authors should approve the final version of the article and agree to take responsibility for its content.
  3. Accountability: Authors must be able to explain and defend the research findings in public forums if required.

Contributorship Statement

To promote transparency and avoid misunderstandings, EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis might asked a contributorship statement with the manuscript submitted to EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis. The statement should explicitly identify the contributions of each author to the research. This statement will not be published, however, it should accurately reflect the individual roles played by each author.

Dispute Resolution

In cases of disagreements or disputes regarding authorship, the editorial board of EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis will follow a structured process to investigate and resolve the matter. The concerned parties will be asked to provide evidence of their contributions to the research. EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis may also seek guidance from COPE or other relevant organizations to ensure fair and unbiased resolution. EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis will not get involved nor held liable for personal disputes between authors.

Changes in Authorship

Requests for adding, deleting, or rearranging authors after manuscript submission to EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis will be considered only in exceptional circumstances. Such requests must be supported by a written explanation from all authors involved, providing a detailed account of the reasons for the change. The editorial board of EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis will carefully evaluate the request and may consult the journal's advisors and check with COPE's guidance if necessary.

Honorary and Ghost Authorship

Honorary authorship (gift authorship) and ghost authorship (uncredited contributions) are not acceptable practices in EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis. Any individual who has made only minor contributions to the research or the article must be acknowledged appropriately in the acknowledgment section, but not listed as an author. EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis will actively work to prevent and address cases of honorary and ghost authorship.

Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

Authors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the interpretation of their research in their submissions to EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis. Conflicts of interest may include financial interests, affiliations, or personal relationships that could compromise the impartiality and credibility of the work. EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis encourages full transparency in these disclosures.

Compliance with Ethical Guidelines

Authors must adhere to the ethical guidelines of EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis and the prevailing ethical standards in the field of research. This includes obtaining appropriate permissions for using copyrighted materials, obtaining informed consent from human subjects, and ensuring the ethical treatment of animals in research.

Review of Authorship Policy

The authorship policy of EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to align with the evolving practices in scholarly publishing and the recommendations of relevant organisations. Any revisions to this policy will be communicated to authors and made publicly available on the EkBis: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis website.