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Author Guidelines

The article received by JISKa are as follow : 

  1. Never been published and there is no progress in review or publication in another place,
  2. Does not contain element of plagiarism and conflict of interest between authors and institution,
  3. According to the correct grammar and spelling, both Indonesian and English, 
  4. Use JISKa's template file, and 
  5. Has novelties and scientific contributions according to the Jiska theme. 

Peer Review Process

Each article that goes submitted to the JISKa, will go through three stages of selection before publication as follows:

1. Administrative Selection

The article will be reviewed by the Editor in Chief administratively regarding the completeness of data and writing procedures. The writing rules and examples can be seen in the JISKa template file. Until now, JISKa only uses the MS DOC / DOCX format for article submissions. Some common mistakes in articles that fail to pass administrative review are:

  • The uploaded article does not use the JISKa template.
  • The list/order of correspondence authors/authors in the metadata in the JISKa system is not the same as the list/order of authors in the uploaded article.
  • The length of the article is shorter than 7 pages.
  • Poor writing (subtitles do not follow the established pattern, tables/ pictures are not referred to by numbers, sub-chapters have no text, blurred images, etc.).
  • Reference is less than 15 or references published in the last ten years is less than 80%.
  • Articles are not researches with scientific contributions but projects, application development, or literature reviews.

Articles that do not pass will be returned to the author and can not be sent to the next stage.

2. Peer-Reviewed

If an article has passed the administrative selection, then that article will be sent to two (2) peer reviewers for a scientific review of its feasibility by the assigned Section Editor. The review process takes 1-2 months depending on the time availability of the reviewers. Each article will be reviewed using a blind review method where the reviewers can find out the identity of the author but not vice versa.

The reviewers will provide recommendations to the Section Editor about the article that Section Editor will decide whether that article is accepted, revisions required, resubmited for review, or declined.

3. Copy Editing

The accepted article will be edited by the Copy Editor in preparation for publication. Editing starts one month before the time of publication and the Copy Editor will contact the author for this process. Seven accepted articles will be selected based on the time of the first submission. The other article will follow in the next issues. The slow response from the author can lead to the postponement of the author's article publication to the next issue.

Plagiarism Policy

All forms of plagiarism will not be tolerated by JISKa. Authors should understand how to properly cite and refer to data. The editor will take two steps to ensure the article is plagiarism free:

1. Evaluation with the Turnitin application

After the articles have passed the administrative selection, they will be checked using the Turnitin application. If the similarity level exceeds 50%, the article will be rejected immediately. If the similarity level is between 20% -49%, then a detailed and detailed evaluation by the Editor in Chief will be taken. If the similarity level is less than 20%, the article will be proceeded to the next stage.

2. Detailed evaluation by the Editors

A detailed evaluation will compare the submitted articles with the sources where high similarity observed. If there is no element of intent, the author will be asked to correct it by paraphrasing and resubmitting.

Open Access Policy

JISKa provides direct open access to the content of the papers in order to make research papers freely available for public to support a more global knowledge exchange. All articles published by JISKa can be directly accessed without any subscription nor payment.

All articles published by JISKa is published under CC-by-NC license. See Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Privacy Statement

JISKa does not use the names, e-mails and institutions of any registered users with JISKa, be it editors, reviewers, and authors to other purposes without the permission of the person concerned.