Bit Manipulation: Conditional Statement using Bit-wise operators with C++



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Nafi’ah, R., Kurniawan, W., Setiawan, J., & Umam, K. (2020). Bit Manipulation: Conditional Statement using Bit-wise operators with C++. IJID (International Journal on Informatics for Development), 9(1), 9–14.


All of information that manipulated by a computer is represented in the form of bits, so in the programming language it is necessary to understand bitwise operations at the first. This paper aims to create a concept of making Conditional Statements with Bitwise operators in C ++. By doing so, we hope that people is easy to understand  the operation behind conditional statements. A conditional operator is also known as a ternary operator. It takes three operands. A conditional operator is closely related with if else statement. The method used is a literature study studying the bit manipulation algorithm in the C ++ language. The results obtained are a function using bitwise operations in C ++ that implement conditional statements.


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