Publications Ethics

Article publication

Ethics of scientific publications is an important aspect in the development of science that must always be considered, where this requires a researcher and academician to act honestly in every research they carry out. This is intended as a way to guarantee the work of each individual, so that contributions from several stakeholders involved in scientific journal publications are needed to be able to act honestly during the series of publications. Articles that have been submitted to a journal may not be withdrawn, without the permission of the editor, in order to avoid double publication in other journals.

Publication Decision

Journal managers have absolute authority in deciding which articles will be published and published online on the journal's website. This is the absolute authority of the editorial board and must be approved by the author. In making decisions, editors are guided by the policies of the journal's editorial board and reviewers and are limited by legal requirements relating to defamation, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Editors can negotiate with other editors and reviewers in making decisions.

Plagiarism Screening

As a form of the author's responsibility in research, he is required to submit articles that are free from plagiarism and various fraudulent actions in other academic fields. To ensure that, the editor is equipped with a plagiarism checker software that can help identify plagiarism and various other frauds. In addition, the experience and breadth of the editor's reading will also help the screening process to ensure the freedom of articles from any fraud.


The identity of the author on each article submitted to the journal will be removed first, before being sent to the reviewer to be read and reviewed for content and contents (blind review). This is intended to eliminate the bias and subjectivity of the reviewer who is the giver of input on the acceptance or rejection of an article. In this case, the editor is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the article.