Article Processes and Timelines

Articles submitted by authors must comply with the journal's Author Guidelines. Articles can be returned to the author without scientific assessment if they do not meet all the requirements, both in terms of writing format and accessibility. Articles must be sourced from the author's original work, where each submission will be assessed by the Main Editor using a review form to determine the suitability of the journal's focus and sope and other provisions. Editors will reject manuscripts without review if they contain insufficient or inappropriate formatting. Articles that pass the initial assessment will be handled by an Editor who is assigned to oversee the review process for contribution, originality, relevance and presentation.


After a manuscript has passed the initial examination, the manuscript will be submitted to the reviewer for review of the content of the article. In this case, the journal applies a double-blind system, where the identity of the author will not be known by the reviewer. Peer review comments are confidential and will only be disclosed with the written consent of the reviewer. All manuscripts are subject to comments from reviewers and authors can expect a decision, or explanation for delays, within 8 weeks of receipt. If revision is required, the relevant author must submit the revised article within 2 weeks. The final decision is made by the Principal Editor based on information obtained through a peer-review process.


We ensure that reviewed manuscripts are treated confidentially prior to publication, as described in Publication Ethics.