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Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi

Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi

Profetik Communication is a broad new field of Communication Science, which refers to prophecy communication model and a new framework of the implementations of communication science.

Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi studies cultural social science which found in the digital era making the communication process become much more colorful. Communication theories are interpreting fluidly social phenomenon in the society. The theory is made through observation on something and  the human itself want to interpret, formulated and presented it as a simple way to make sense of life. The Theory serves as a guard on the assumptions so it can be easily documented, theory served as an affirmation of observed  science. Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi which is presented by Communication Science Department of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta wants to bring affirmation of theories that are present in the study of Communication Sciences, in order to generate the faith trusted by the society, especially for the academics, professional practitioners and the writers itself to develop the communication theories in order to analyze the phenomenon found in the society. 

Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi, published biannually in April and October, as the journal of the study of Communication Sciences. Contains the writings that summarized the results of research and conceptual thinking in the field of communication. The Director General of Research and Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education has accredited Profetik Jurnal Komunikasi for 2019-2024 (SK Kemenristekdikti No. 10/ E/KPT/2019). The publication is provided in two versions: print and electronic. The Print version is sold at a certain price. For purchasing and subscription details, contact the Editorial and Distribution Jl. Marsda Adisucipto 1 Tel (0274) 589 621. For an electronic version (PDF) can be accessed in an open and free without a subscription. This open access is expected to improve readability and enhance the award-winning author citation. Although, the main language used in writing the article is Indonesian, there is possibility to publish the articles in English. Profetik Jurnal Komunikasi examines socio-cultural changes, occurring in the digital age into life. Theories of communication is using in order to analyze the  phenomenons that occur in the society. The articles in the journal are focussed on the communication studies including:

  1. Media dan Journalism
  2. New media and Communication Technology
  3. Theory and Applied Communication
  4. Public Relations
  5. Advertising and Visual Communication

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Deadline edisi Vol.12/No.2 2019


The submission of articles in the Vol.12/No.2 2019, Profetik Jurnal Komunikasi was last received in August 2019, with the theme of the application of Communication Science Theories in the present phenomenon. The main focus of the journal is on disseminating researches in communication studies which is integrated with contemporary perspective.

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Vol 12, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Ahmad Sholikin
Anam Miftakhul Huda
Aprilianti Pratiwi, Retor A.W. Kaligis, Fardihian Anshari
Arizal Mutahir
Cosmas Gatot Haryono
Dani Fadillah
Moh Khoirul Anam, nurhayati nurhayati
Rachmat Kriyantono
Niken Puspitasari, Rika Lusri Virga
Tri Mega Asri, Fahria Fatma Insari
Rhesa Zuhriya Pratiwi, Yeni Puji Astuti