Jurnal Dakwah: Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah (Asian Journal of Da'wah Studies) is an academic journal published by the Faculty of Da'wah and Communication at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

Jurnal Dakwah: Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah (Asian Journal of Da'wah Studies) always puts studies related to the discussion of da'wah, both normatively and historically as the main thing. focus of academic inquiry and invite comprehensive observations of multidisciplinary studies. The journal is a forum for da'wah studies in Indonesia and other parts of the world in challenging local and global contexts, supporting studies that focus on specific themes and cross-disciplinary studies. Subjects include textual studies and fieldwork with normative and historical perspectives.

Indonesian and non-Indonesian scholars have enriched the research published in the journal. Although since the beginning, the Da'wah Journal has not presented quality scientific articles, improvements – both in terms of format, style, and academic quality – have never stopped. Although the main language used in writing the article is Indonesian, the article can be published in English. With fair peer-review procedures, AJDS continues to publish research and studies related to social work studies in various dimensions and approaches.

Jurnal Dakwah: Media Komunikasi dan Dakwah (Asian Journal of Da'wah Studies), published twice a year in June and December, is a social work study journal. Contains writings that summarize the results of research and conceptual thinking in the field of social work. This publication is available in two versions: print and electronic. The printed version is sold for a certain price. For details on purchases and subscriptions, contact the editor and distribution Jl. Marsda Adisucipto Yogyakarta, Faculty of Da'wah and Communication. The electronic version (PDF) can be accessed openly and free of charge without the need for a subscription. It is hoped that this open access will improve readability and increase the award-winning author's citations.