Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam/JPAI (The Journal of Islamic Education) is a periodical scientific journal published by Department of Islamic Education, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Sciences,  Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta, Indonesia in partnership with Perkumpulan Prodi Pendidikan Agama Islam Indonesia. The journal specializes in the study of Islamic education science and research. The Journal kindly invites scientists, scholars, professionals, and researchers in the disciplines of Islamic education in the form of the contribution with articles to be published and disseminated through: the selection mechanism of the article, criticized by reviewer, and the editing process. The Journal is published twice a year in June and December.

Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam (JPAI) uses Mendeley as citation manager and uses Plagiarism Checker & Turnitin as screening for plagiarism, and has been indexed by SINTA, DOAJ, Garuda, Moraref, Google Scholar, Dimensions, and has become CrossRef.org member, so all its article has its unique DOI number.

The  Jurnal Pendidikan Agama Islam  (Journal of Islamic Religious Education) is a nationally recognized journal in the field of Islamic Religious Education (PAI) and is published twice a year in June & December. The Focus of this journal is to publish high-quality studies in the field of Islamic studies as strengthening PAI science, PAI teaching, PAI learning, PAI curriculum development, PAI learning environment, PAI teacher education, PAI education technology, PAI learning assessment, development education. Studies can relate to all age levels - from infants to adults.

JPAI has editorial advisory board members from various countries around the world. Articles submitted to the Journal are always reviewed by two members of the Editorial Advisory Board (double blind peer review), and in some cases, if necessary, by another member of the Board. Depending on the evaluation report of the members of the Editorial Advisory Board, the article is published or not. The article evaluation process takes approximately three months. Authors are responsible for errors, if any, in the articles they publish.