Perbandingan Sistem Pendidikan di Tiga Negara; Mesir, Iran dan Turki

Keywords: Comparative Education, Egypt, Iran, Turkey


This article discusses a comparative analysis of education in three countries where the
population is predominantly of a Muslim background; Egypt, Iran and Turkey, and
explains about the system of education in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.
Additionally, this article clarifies the latest education policy, curriculum, subjects, and
assessment systems in schools and universities. The three countries have some similarities;
each country is implementing the policy of compulsory education with it split into three
levels. The other similarity being that is the students have a high interest for further
study in foreign universities with some destination countries being: the United States
of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Ukraine, Malaysia,
France, and Austria. Due to unfavorable politics in both countries of Egypt and Turkey, as
well as Iran, education has been effected by a foreign policy that is often contradictory.


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